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With LEDs, we have substantially reduced the cost of lighting buildings, compared with older traditional lamps. LED lights are a fascinating advancement in the lighting industry. If you are considering a lighting upgrade project, LEDs offer many benefits over older types of lamps. At US Energy Solutions, we firmly believe that switching to LED lighting will benefit your business dramatically. Explore our LED Academy to find all the necessary information about the LED lighting and its various applications.

Why LED?

LED lighting has substantial economic advantages. Since LEDs’ use less energy than traditional lighting choices, adoption of LED bulbs will significantly reduce your utility bills. LED lighting lasts longer, so your overall operating costs will also decrease because you won’t need to buy new bulbs every year. Finally, LED lights give less heat than fluorescent, halogen and incandescent bulbs. Numerous financial studies point out that air conditioning costs during summer months are reduced for many commercial businesses as a result of this.

Lighting audit

A lighting audit can be conducted for both interior and exterior spaces, and it is the most effective way to gather information from the customer. It involves a systematic investigation and a walk-through of the site to gather information such as business hours, current lighting choices and counts, fixture locations, etc. The accurate collection of this data allows our quotation specialists to design a new and energy efficient LED lighting system that confirms to the expectations of the customer.

Lighting retrofit

Retrofitting a commercial site means converting the facility’s standard lighting into a cost-effective LED system. Increasing lighting efficiency and sustainability by taking advantage of LED technology saves consumers between 50-90% as compared to traditional incandescent, halogen or fluorescent solutions. Upgrading light fixtures also increases the operational life of lighting systems and every LED fixture that we install has a minimum 5 year warranty. The average ROI in a commercial space is typically less than 3 years for LED retrofit projects. Since the LED fixtures last several times longer than the ROI period, there is a large financial benefit to making the decision to move forward. You save on energy consumption, maintenance, tax incentives and lamp replacements.


The federal government and local energy providers offer a number of incentives for upgrading to energy efficient LED systems. There are programs available that offset installation costs, increase operational savings and cover both product and install costs. Across North America, there are over 1000 rebate programs. They all have different rules, and all calculate incentives differently. At US Energy Solutions, we track all of these programs so that we are always aware of what incentives are available to our customers. We help our customers file the rebate applications and ensure they take all proper steps to obtain those rebates after the projects are complete.

Project financing

Our qualified and experienced financing specialists work with industry leading lenders and help businesses nationwide avoid any major capital investments by allowing them to implement LED retrofits with zero financial risk. Some financing programs don’t require any payments until the project is up and running and customers get to benefit from flexible financing options that allow them to go green with little money out-of-pocket. Financing programs are designed to facilitate the implementation of energy efficient projects and drastically reduce the costs of switching to LED lighting. We offer multiple financing options so that our customers can choose which is best for their business.



Most businesses are paying 50% more than they need for lighting because they are using consumable lighting. Installing new LED lighting will provide your business with the opportunity to generate returns of 40-85% with an LED lighting project — and produce immediate positive cash flow. US Energy Solutions understands the challenges faced by business owners and offers real results for businesses, with a proven track record across multiple projects.

LED lights in commercial spaces cut energy consumption in half.

LED lights use very little energy and are far more efficient than the traditional incandescent bulbs. The latter produce significantly more heat and their lifespan is much shorter whereas LED lights can reliably last more than 60,000 hours and your operating budget will see a reduction in the amount necessary to buy new bulbs all the time. In commercial facilities, LED lights last even longer – more than 100,000 hours (a lifespan of up to 11 years if burned 24/7). In addition, your air conditioning bills could decrease during summer months, since LED lighting is much cooler than standard halogen bulbs and you will be running your AC a lot less frequently.

LED lights are more durable and last longer than halogen bulbs

While traditional lights only burn from 1,000 to 30,000 hours, LED lighting is designed to last on average from 60,000 to 100,000 hours while also producing better light quality. Switching to commercial LED lights means cutting additional maintenance costs by not having to replace LED bulbs as often. Furthermore, LED lighting is remarkably tough and holds up to extreme temperature differences making it a more versatile solution for just about any commercial facility.

LED lights are significantly more energy efficient.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), LED bulbs offer 80% more efficient lighting than standard incandescent lights. Switching to LED lighting helps commercial enterprises save millions of dollars every year. Whether for long working hours, manufacturing or warehouse facility, LED lights will improve your energy efficiency and help you save money on your electric bill.

LED lights emit little heat and provide health benefits.

Unlike standard incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LED lighting is more natural and emits much less heat. Its coloring can be altered and it reduces the need for cooling the facility since LED bulbs produce very little heat even when used for extended periods of time. Studies have shown that LED lights create a better experience for both employees and customers. People enjoy the color given off by LED bulbs and LED lighting provides instant brightness without any flickering, making for a happier workplace and leading to fewer complaints about eyestrain.

LED lights provide tangible environmental benefits

The energy efficiency properties of LED lighting reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. LED bulbs do not have mercury and can be disposed of easily. Even if an LED happens to break, you won’t have to deal with the health-threatening effects of mercury. With energy savings of up to 80% compared to standard lights, LED bulbs allow commercial facilities to operate in a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment.


Types of LED light fixtures

If you’re interested in updating or installing commercial LED lighting at your facility, it’s important to consider the different types of commercial LED light fixtures before making a decision or purchase. There is a wide variety of commercial lights and fixtures available today, which can quickly become overwhelming if you’re not sure what to look for. US Energy Solutions elaborates on the different types of commercial LED light fixtures so you know which type of light you need.

LED high bay fixtures are used to illuminate spaces with ceiling height above 20 ft from the ground. Since these lights have a high lumen output, they are natural fits for commercial application. High bay lights ensure that the area is well lit and are excellent for illuminating all types of industries and facilities including community centers, department stores, hangars, event centers, conference halls, warehouses, gyms, manufacturing facilities, assembly lines, factories, workshops, etc. High bay fixtures generally hang from the ceiling via chains or they may be fixed directly to the ceiling. They can be used with a variety of reflectors and to illuminate both vertical and horizontal workspaces.

Low bay fixtures are designed for shorter ceiling applications - to illuminate commercial facilities and warehouses with ceiling height between 12 and 20 ft. Unlike high bay fixtures, low bay lights are designed specifically to illuminate areas with lower ceilings. Low bay fixtures have fewer lumens since they don’t have to spread light as hard as high bay lights. Low bay lighting is perfect for warehouses, retail, storage facilities, garages – any buildings with low ceilings. The reflectors or lens angles are used to ensure proper distribution of light and to maintain a desired lighting level in specific places.

Troffer lighting is normally used for indoor illumination. Because of the way they are installed, troffer lights are also known as recessed troffers. They can be pendant mounted, chain-hung or surface mounted depending on your needs. In most cases, these fixtures are set recessed in a grid pattern. This provides even illumination in industrial buildings and facilities. Troffer light fixtures are a staple of commercial lighting, particularly if you need powerful illumination to a large area. They are typically used in offices and other workplaces to ensure bright hallway illumination, general lighting, bathroom lighting, hallway lighting, etc. Typical applications for troffers also include schools, hospitals and community centers.

Strip light fixtures provide the most versatile lighting solutions on the market. They are available in multiple lengths and configurations. These fixtures are suitable for surface mounting or suspension and can replace single or multiple lamp fluorescent fixtures while also retaining their standard look. Strip light fixtures can be used in every type of application. From lighting in office spaces to general illumination in workshops, stores, garages, storage areas, utility rooms, etc. Strip light fixtures are traditional workhorses that provide illumination for a wide variety of commercial and industrial facilities.

Task lighting fixtures are portable lights meant to help you see when you’re reading, writing or doing any projects in which you need to concentrate on the task at hand. Task light fixtures offer focused, highly concentrated light. Some people call task lighting office lighting. These fixtures are flexible and adjustable. They help naturally stimulate your brain and deliver light precisely at the spot that is needed. Task lighting is often used to improve the productivity of employees. Task lighting improves concentration and boosts focus leading to better quality results. The additional light needed to be more alert and attentive is invaluable for many businesses. Appliance lights, ceiling pendants, desk lamps and other examples of task fixtures are all an integral part of just about any office.

Area light fixtures are used in parking lots, walkways of factories and warehouses. These lights ensure safety by illuminating walking paths and make the location feel secure to workers and visitors. Area lights are also designed to provide safe passage for vehicles. Area lights can be mounted on poles between 10 and 100 ft. That way, they provide enough light and illuminate large open areas.

Floodlight fixtures are very flexible and can be used in industrial spaces that require wide light distribution and high output. They are designed for regular outdoor use. Floodlights provide general area lighting for commercial facilities and are used to illuminate large outdoor areas. Floodlight fixtures are a popular choice for security and landscape lighting offering a tremendous amount of light that can accentuate property features. They come in many sizes and styles and can be complemented with motion sensors or photocells.

Wall pack fixtures are perfect for illuminating pathways, building perimeters, and providing security lighting at night. They are great for commercial purposes and give pedestrians a better sense of safety around warehouses and other industrial facilities. This type of fixture is used in outdoor spaces where control of light spill is especially important. Their bright light output is meant to provide even lighting around the grounds. These lights also have adjustable mount design that ensures greater control over light spread.

Street light fixtures are suitable for many commercial outdoor locations including parking lots, driveways, pathways and storage areas. They are perfect for any large outdoor area requiring better illumination and continue to function even when the voltage is unstable. Street light fixtures will remain durable through any weather conditions and withstand moisture providing excellent visibility every day.

Shop lights are generally used in garages and industrial workstations where simple yet efficient lighting is needed to illuminate certain areas such as a workbench. They are also used in storage rooms and basements for task lighting. Shop light fixtures can be mounted directly to the ceiling or hang from the ceiling via chains.

Strip retrofit kits are designed for various commercial and industrial applications enabling a convenient replacement for ineffective fluorescent tubes. From retail stores to warehouses and office buildings, strip retrofit kits allow you to update your fixtures in no time. Strip retrofit kits help convert your outdated lighting troffers to energy efficient and longer lasting alternatives.

Recessed lighting is a multifunctional, practical and visually pleasing type of lighting installed within a wall or ceiling. Recessed lighting offers unique and versatile installation possibilities and provides even light to important areas of the room. Customizing a room’s lighting layout for new construction or remodels is much easier with a low profile ambient and direct light source.

A ballast bypass means that the ballast is removed so the lamp gets its energy source straight from the sockets. Since there is no need to go back and replace the ballast, this option is perfect for long-term installation. The ballast bypass lighting - also referred to as line voltage or direct wire linear LED – reduces maintenance costs and greatly improves lighting efficiency.

Plug-and-play, as the name suggests, is a simple one-for-one replacement of the traditional linear fluorescent lamp that doesn’t require any custom retrofitting to be installed. Plug-and-play remains one of the most advantageous options on the market used for all fixtures that support the new technology without shorting or overheating. While lighting retrofits are required in many old buildings, if plug-and-play is an option, it is best to go with it.

Exit signs are designed to reduce panic and indicate safe escape doors if a natural disaster, fire or long power outage hits your building. Exit signs are usually mounted above the door frame for better visibility across larger distances. In the US, exit signs can have either green or red letters, but red is the most common choice on the market.

Flat panels provide a low profile, low-glare ambient lighting and offer even light distribution while adding a stylish look to any commercial facility. Flat panels are both economical and visually pleasing and feature longer lifespan, lower maintenance costs and greater energy efficiency. These panels are used for offices, hospitals, schools, hotels and other industrial and commercial applications offering better, non-glare lighting and ultra slim design for any low ceiling areas.

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