America’s Premier ESCO

Headquartered in Philadelphia, US Energy Solutions is America’s premier energy service company delivering world-class solutions for thousands of energy consumers nationwide. We are a full-service ESCO specializing in energy management. Our primary goal is to offer fast, intuitive, and cost-effective energy management services for everyone.

Effective energy management

Always at the forefront of innovations, US Energy Solutions is striving for excellence in customer service to maximize energy savings. Our mission is to facilitate unprecedented energy efficiency and produce better results for our clients. With our knowledge and experience of managing complex projects, we are able to design a broad range of energy-related services.

Industry-leading professionals

With a diversified portfolio and a dedicated in-house team of industry experts, US Energy Solutions relies on digital technologies to study energy conservation and expand further into the national market. We offer multi-segment energy management solutions centered on generating predictable long-term energy-saving measures. We act as energy consultants to identify and develop the most effective energy consumption upgrades.

Highest value & lowest risk options

Our in-house team of experienced specialists works hard on assessing and identifying each customer’s specific needs and brings their energy efficiency vision to life. We use cutting- edge technologies and top-notch digital advancements to provide full service and work around any schedule. We turn complex challenges into logical solutions and develop smart energy choices that guarantee tremendous cost savings.

World-class customer service

US Energy Solutions aims to make every customer the beneficiary of a comprehensive platform of energy resources. We take care of planning and implementing the best energy choices so our clients could focus on their core business. With deep levels of experience and passion, we take complex challenges and transform them into adaptable solutions helping organizations increase their energy efficiency and reduce costs.


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