Demand Response

We offer diverse demand response solutions that can help customers save money and offset their combined power costs.

Reducing your energy expenses

Demand Response is a way for commercial energy consumers to contribute to grid stability and lower the demand for electricity during peak periods. Utility companies feature their own demand response programs offering incentives to commercial clients agreeing to decrease their energy consumption during the few days a year when power demand is especially high.

Favorable power rates

US Energy Solutions will determine where and how commercial users can reduce electricity consumption and facilitate agreements between consumers and utility companies. In turn, consumers are eligible for compensation and get paid for their flexibility.

Decreased peak-day emissions

US Energy Solutions understands the need to reduce electricity demand when it threatens grid stability. We offer a way for our customers to get paid to decrease their electricity usage a few times a year – typically during the hottest days of the summer.

Contributing to grid stability

The grid needs to provide the consumers with the baseline – a certain amount of power that it needs to produce. Aside from the baseline, the grid has to operate during raised energy consumption, so balancing the supply and demand of the grid is extremely important, particularly when electricity usage tends to spike.

Smart energy efficiency choices

US Energy Solutions finds the right demand response programs based on your energy needs and the demand response choices featured in your local market. We offer demand response solutions that can help you save money and offset your combined power costs.

Valuable incentives

Demand Response solutions offer an opportunity to reduce energy expenses without sacrificing operational comfort. The customers get paid to be on standby and our demand response initiative helps decrease peak-day generator emissions.

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