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US Energy Solutions realizes how important energy efficiency is for any business owner that wishes to optimize his expenses. An effective grid optimization project or a comprehensive LED retrofit allows for cutting one’s energy bill and delivers a great ROI within the very least amount of time possible. Thanks to the efforts of our qualified experts, a number of facilities across Pennsylvania were able to optimize their energy efficiency, update their grid, and make the most from their LED lighting needs.

Project Overview


In all cases, business owners were concerned with how their energy bill is constantly growing while the quality of lighting in their facilities constantly decreases. Commercial owners wanted to benefit from an LED overhaul and wanted to optimize grid performance quickly and with little investments. The projects ranged from office buildings to massive warehouses, so each one demanded an individual approach and meticulous planning.


The very first thing that needs to be done in a situation like this, would be assessing the grid’s potential and the entire premise in order to come up with a solid, proven solution. The qualified and experienced technicians from US Energy Solutions were able to carry out the task and had all the necessary data compiled in a matter of days. From there, depending on each separate case, the specialists were able to craft personalized options that helped reconfigure the grid and update all the lighting properly.


Due to the efforts of our trained staff, a number of facilities in Pennsylvania received a massive overhaul and are now functioning at full strength. The owners were pleased with the achieved results and are now enjoying all the benefits of an energy-efficient business. While the investments were minimal, (since some of the customers were eligible for substantial tax incentives) the overall ROI was too obvious to neglect, and US Energy Solutions was able to complete the task at hand quickly and effectively.

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