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Supplier Relations Manager

Supplier Relations Manager must be able to analyze data and processes, find creative solutions, generate reports and present findings to upper management and other departments, communicate with external suppliers and buyers, comprehend legal documents, and developing lasting relationships with others.

  1. Negotiate contracts with suppliers and customers
  1. Plan and implement logistical strategy, ensuring targets are met
  1. Work on forecasts and inventories, keep an accurate record of the process and analyzing performance
  1. Improve the overall suppliers’ performance and look for any possible innovations to the process
  1. Implement new technologies and stay alert to new trends in the energy industry
  1. A logical and systematic approach to work
  1. The ability to solve problems and make decisions, as well as think laterally and offer solutions
  1. Excellent relationship management skills, with the ability to work collaboratively with internal and external teams
  1. Some degree of IT literacy and the ability to handle electronic data
  1. Excellent communication skills, both written and oral
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