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We help you find the best rates, manage risks to your investments and customize your energy procurement solutions to give you complete freedom in choosing the suppliers and services you require.

Procuring energy at the lowest cost

Your choice of energy supplier has a major impact on procuring energy for your business at the most favorable terms. At US Energy Solutions, we help you find the best rates and customize your energy procurement options to give you complete freedom in choosing the suppliers and services you require.

Pricing plan that meets your needs

Since energy suppliers and utilities are not all the same, efficient energy procurement demands an integrated approach and strategic planning. Our energy management services are designed to help clients navigate through the entire energy landscape.

Full range of services

US Energy Solutions provides a full range of ESCO options for your electrical power and natural gas procurement needs. We utilize the industry’s most comprehensive market expertise to help organizations nationwide find the best energy procurement rates.

Achieving your energy goals

Your organization works at its full potential when your energy distribution requirements are fully aligned with your financial priorities. Our effective approach to securing energy at the most competitive cost ensures your power systems run in line with the highest industry standards.

Customer-centered approach

While today’s industry provides numerous ways to procure energy, it also implies additional risks and further complexity. Making sense of these factors will have a significant impact on risk exposure and operating expense.

Network of the nation’s leading energy suppliers

US Energy Solutions is a trusted advisor that will help you make an informed, forward-thinking decision. We incorporate flexibility, responsiveness, and interoperability of various energy systems to reduce your long-term energy risks.

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