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We can help you achieve dramatic cost savings from day one with a variety of LED lighting services by completing your project on time and within budget.

Reaching greater energy efficiency

At US Energy Solutions, we believe that the LED options will fundamentally change the entire energy landscape in the US. Whether you are looking for cutting energy expenses or an impactful visual improvement, our team of qualified and experienced technicians will help you decide on the right LED lighting for your business

Advanced energy management

Using traditional incandescent bulbs may be costing you a substantial part of your total energy expenditure. LEDs are more durable and offer comparable or improved light quality at a substantially lower price

Reduced operating costs

Converting existing lamps or lighting fixtures to LED overhauls your entire lighting infrastructure for improved performance and increased energy savings. Successful lighting retrofit projects can reduce your energy costs from 40-85%

Achieving your sustainability goals

As qualified specialists of commercial energy services, we believe that energy effectiveness needs to be a key concern for any commercial owner. The high efficiency of LED lighting makes it perfect for reducing power bills and generating light levels necessary for your business use.

Variety of manufacturers

We work with a variety of manufacturers to source and install high quality and affordable LED products. The list continues to grow and we believe that the extensive use of LED lighting will eventually have an enormous impact on energy savings nationwide.

Expanded versatility

Businesses can now benefit from switching to LEDs thanks to the expanded versatility in our LED lighting options. Domestic consumers can use the same amount of energy for less money which means saving more on energy bills.

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