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Solar Commercial Sales Representative

The Sales Representative must be highly flexible, entrepreneurial and passionate about what we do - selling solar energy and efficiency products to save people money. Use your innovative and strategic business development capabilities to earn trust and build confidence with customers. You must be highly determined, proactive, motivated, hardworking and able to communicate the big picture in an inspiring way.

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Supplier Relations Manager

Supplier Relations Manager must be able to analyze data and processes, find creative solutions, generate reports and present findings to upper management and other departments, communicate with external suppliers and buyers, comprehend legal documents, and developing lasting relationships with others.

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Sales Associate for LED Services

Responsibility for coordinating sales activities for US Energy Solutions’ LED lighting segment as established by the Company and the Region Manager. Serve as coordinator for the Region Manager, builders, contractors, lighting showrooms, electrical wholesalers, developers and specifiers in commercial applications.

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Our core values

  • Commitment
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Consistency
  • Loyalty

Our benefits

  • Salary Increase
  • Health Insurance
  • Paid Vacation
  • Sick Leave
  • Workplace perks