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Posted 3 days ago

Supplier Relations Manager

Supplier Relations Manager must be able to analyze data and processes, find creative solutions, generate reports and present findings to upper management and other departments, communicate with external suppliers and buyers, comprehend legal documents, and developing lasting relationships with others.

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Posted 3 days ago

Business Development Manager

As a Business Development Manager, you will be concerned with improving and growing our business, by fostering and developing relationships with customers, suppliers, and other partners. You may work to improve profitability through careful strategic planning and positioning in the appropriate markets.

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Posted 3 days ago

HR Manager

An HR Manager is a go-to person for all employee-related issues. This means that your HR Manager duties will involve managing activities such as job design, recruitment, employee relations, performance management, training & development, and talent management. The human resources manager supervises our entire hiring process.

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Posted 3 days ago

Account Manager

Account Manager responsibilities include developing strong relationships with customers, connecting with key business executives and stakeholders, and preparing sales reports. Account Managers also answer client queries and identify new business opportunities among existing customers.

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Posted 3 days ago

Sales Associate for LED Services

Responsibility for coordinating sales activities for US Energy Solutions’ LED lighting segment as established by the Company and the Region Manager. Serve as coordinator for the Region Manager, builders, contractors, lighting showrooms, electrical wholesalers, developers and specifiers in commercial applications.

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